Why Cheapest Doesn't Always Cost The Least.

When purchasing a new piece of equipment of any kind what questions do you ask yourself?

  • How long before I can have it installed?
  • How fast does it operate?
  • What options are available?

These are all valid questions but I am sure that the main question that you ask yourself is;

How much does it cost?

As one of our customers found out the hard way this week after purchasing a fast acting roller shutter door; Cheap doesn't always cost the least. Initially the door was purchased and installed at a very competitive price from a well known door company and on the face of it was a very good deal. However, when needing to replace three lath on the curtain the quote from the manufacture was out of this world. A job which could have cost under £1000 was working out at three times that amount in parts alone!

Consequently BID Group are quoting for a full replacement door using industry standard parts and while the cost will be greater than the initial price paid previously it will be cheaper than the repairs. The greater benefit to this is that in the future, should any repairs need to be carried out they can be done so by any reputable door company at a fraction of the price.