BID help to support Lincolnshire Charity

Throughout the year BID Group offer their corporate football tickets at Manchester United to their customers around the country. The latest company to benefit from this is Polypipe Civils in Lincolnshire who have used their four ticket allocation to carry out a raffle amongst their staff with all proceeds going to a local charity called LIVES.

LIVES Medics & First Responders are all volunteers who give up their time to respond to emergencies in their community. So when you dial 999, not only will an ambulance be mobilised, but at the same time, the LIVES Medic or Responder on call in your area will also receive notification that you need their help.

The raffle raised over £200 for the charity which will go someway to helping them continue their great work around Lincolnshire.

For more details about LIVES and the work that they do visit;