Hitchen Foods Loading Bays

When Hitchen Foods based in Wigan wanted to improve the appearance of their loading bays on their site they got in touch with BID Group to see what could be done. BID already have a history of working on Hitchen’s site, carrying out routine servicing of equipment, to maintain compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations.


The bay doors at Hitchen’s had been damaged over time by loading equipment and to prevent future damage we recommended the installation of steel bollards internally next to the door leg section. The bollards are fabricated and powder coated in yellow by BID at our workshop in Bolton.

With the door issues resolved, attention turned to the dock levellers. Each leveller was given a thorough clean with a jet wash to remove the build-up of rubber from tyres and the beds were taken down to the metal again and treated to a fresh coat of anti-rust paint to all metallic surfaces, returning them ‘new’.

The final work involved replacing the damaged foam dock seals which surround the doorway. Overtime, these had started to split and the management had decided that these should be replaced at the same time to enhance the new, fresh appearance and performance of their loading bays.

The total project was to 7 loading bays and took 10 working days to complete as all work was carried out around the day-to-day operations of Hitchen Foods so as not to disrupt any of their business.