BID Group

The Senior Management place particular emphasis upon experience, expertise, capability, reliability and Quality and has adopted the policy of providing only equipment and associated services which have the requisite quality to merit total customer satisfaction.


To fully realise this commitment, Senior Management have established the following objectives as a cornerstone of The Company Quality Management System:


  1. To consistently comply with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and all Legal & Statutory requirements; by continually seeking to improve the effectiveness of The Company Quality Management System and overall performance.


  1. To understand our markets, our customer’s needs & expectations and continuously seek to improve our services to enhance customer satisfaction and to develop our technology and infrastructure in order to offer the latest available in the ever changing demands of the marketplace.


  1. Provide the highest levels of service to our customers with as minimum a cause for complaint as possible and to ensure that should complaints be received, they are attended to in a timely manner with a view to eliminating the root cause and preventing recurrence.


  1. Maintaining a healthy constructive work environment that enables personnel to produce optimal output.


  1. Provide confidence to customers that their requirements for quality & safety are being achieved in the delivered product or service.


  1. A framework for establishing & reviewing Quality Objectives.


  1. Provide confidence to management and personnel that the requirements for quality are being fulfilled, maintained & quality improvements take place.


  1. Provide continuous training and development for personnel in line with The Company needs.


In order to achieve these objectives, it is the policy of The Company to consistently review the suitability and effectiveness of the Quality Management System and work processes in conjunction with all departmental managers and personnel, whose contribution and input is seen as vital in the improvement and development of The Company.


The Quality Management System and this policy is seen as essential for the longā€term success of the Company and will be communicated to all personnel through initial induction, meetings, ongoing development and training to ensure continued adherence and compliance with requirements.


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