BID Group

The Swift door is a side-hung, fast-acting, bi-folding door ideally suited for emergency service appliance bays and other industrial applications where safety, reliability, speed of operation, durability and security are prime considerations.


Jewers Swift Door installed for Fire Brigade


Automatic operation takes only seven seconds from closed to fully open - regardless of size. In the event of a power failure or for hand-operated doors, manual operation is effortless - allowing access in as little as two seconds.

Suitable for numerous applications in any climate. The Swift provides a low maintenance solution to access needs. Having no bottom track or load bearing lintel, installation is straightforward with minimal construction requirements.

Key Benefits


  • Open fully in 7 seconds and timed automatic closing for immediate security
  • Effortless and instant manual operation
  • No bottom track - leaving clear threshold
  • Minimal maintenance for extended life
  • CE Marked. Fully complia with BS EN 12604 & 12453
  • UKAS laboratory tested to 110,000 continuous cycles without replacements of any parts (equivalent of 15 cycles a day for 20 years)
  • Fully compliant with Part M for disabled person access
  • Tested for Air Permeability - class 2




Download our specification document here.